Services to fit your needs.


Share (Savings) Accounts

This account offers a low minimum balance requirement of $5.00 and pays competitive dividends.

Club Accounts

Similar to share savings and are available for various reasons. Vacations, Christmas, insurance, taxes, etc.

Share Draft (Checking) Accounts

Free credit union checking. No minimum balance required.

Debit Cards

MasterMoney cards. Available for a $2.00 monthly fee. Transfer, withdrawal funds from savings or share draft accounts. Also share drafts point of sale transactions

Overdraft Protection

Automatically provided to all members to share drafts.

Courtesy Pay Program

Overdraft privilege is a service that members in good standing can receive. With overdraft privilege your check, ATM withdrawal, Debit card purchase or other electronic debt items may be covered by the Credit Union up to the limit of $400.00. You will be charged the standard NSF fee of $20.00 per item. You will receive notification when an overdraft occurs on your account and you will be expected to deposit adequate funds to bring your account to a positive balance within 30 days. We will not pay items if it brings a negative balance over $400.00.

Real Time Home Banking

Discover the convenience of banking from the comfort of your home, any time, day or night! Home Banking is a FREE service offered to all AB Federal Credit Union members. It allows you to access your Credit Union accounts 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mobile Banking

Manage your finances wherever you our with our Real Time Home Banking mobile app.

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Bill Pay

Keep track of your bills and pay them easily with no monthly fees!

Credit Counseling